Panel for Biobank Assessment

The Panel for Biobank Assessment reviews the applications of candidate biobanks that want to submit their sample information in the RD-Connect Sample Catalogue. The panel considers them against a set of criteria to ensure they meet minimum quality assurance.


The RD-Connect Panel for Biobank Assessment is formed by experts with knowledge in:

  • Biobanking;
  • IT infrastructure and management;
  • Current advances in scientific/clinical research in rare diseases
  • Ethical, Legal and Social Issues (ELSI)

Panel members will participate in their personal capacity; the turnover will be on a 2- or 3-year basis and may be renewed once for further 2 years.


Position: Biobank Director
Organisation: Telethon Network of Genetic Biobanks
Area of work: Biobanks

Position: Director of the Rare Diseases Biobank
Organisation: Hacettepe University
Area of work: Biobanks

Position: Director, Institute of Rare Diseases Research
Organisation: Instituto de Salud Carlos III
Area of work: Biobanks, Registries

Position: Project Manager
Organisation: University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG)
Area of work: Biobanks, Data linkage

Organisation: NephcEurope Foundation
Area of work: Biobanks, Ethical Legal Social Issues, Patient engagement