Funding and collaboration

RD-Connect has been established thanks to initial funding from the European Commission. Currently, RD-Connect is able tu support scientists and clinicians in researching on rare diseases by using also other funding sources, listed below.

European Commission: FP7 grant

RD-Connect has been established thanks to the funding from the European Community’s Seventh Framework Program (FP7) under grant agreement n° 305444 “RD-CONNECT: An integrated platform connecting registries, biobanks and clinical bioinformatics for rare disease research”. RD-Connect was funded from this grant for 6 years: Nov 2012 - Oct 2018.


Solve-RD is a major EU-funded research project to improve the diagnosis of rare diseases. The researchers work directly with RD-Conect to provide genetic diagnosis to 19,000 undiagnosed patients withing four European Reference Networks (ERNs). Part of the funding is used to maintain and further develop the RD-Connect Genome-Phenome Analysis Platform.

European Joint co-fund Programme for Rare Diseases (EJP-RD)

EJP-RD is a Horizon 2020 programme, starting in January 2019, gather a huge number of diverse partners, to coordinate their efforts, ensuring the necessary level of integration and a unique strategy to tackle the rare diseases.