University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG)

The UMCG is one of the largest hospitals in the Netherlands with a staff of 10, 000 people in patient care, education & training and research, with a focus on ‘Healthy Ageing’. The GCC has a long track record in development and hosting of >20 databases, data integration tools, and software infrastructures for large translational research, biobank and model organism consortia, multi-omics data and ‘big data infrastructure’ for analysis of next generation sequencing and gwas. Most notably are the BBMRI-NL Genome of the Netherlands project (a whole genome sequencing panel of 769 Dutch), BBMRI-NL Functional Genomics (RNA seq of >6000 individuals), BBMRI-NL imputation project (>10.000 samples), LifeLines biobank (165.000 individuals), CTMM/TraIT translation IT project, and the BBMRI-NL biobank catalogue project nationally, and EU-BioMedBridges and EU-BioSHaRE internationally. In particularly relevant, GCC also hosts 5 rich internal patient registries having extensive experience in genotype-phenotype data stewardship and exploitation.