Gaëlle Blandin

Research Engineer
Gaëlle Blandin

Gaëlle Blandin is a senior research engineer in bioinformatics with a large experience in project management within different research environments.

In Christophe Beroud’s team, she leads the group working on Locus Specific DataBases and patient registries in the field of neuromuscular disorders. She is curator of the UMD-DYSF database, develops the International Dysferlinopathy Registry and is involved in the development of other UMD databases and registries.

During her past experiences, she managed or played a key role in several collaborative (international) projects such as:
– high throughput identification of protein-protein interactions in the skeletal muscle and muscular dystrophies.
– sequencing and annotation of eukaryotic genomes (Trypanosoma brucei, T. cruzi, and 13 yeast species) and comparative genomics.