Section 1: Registering


This guide will help users to register with RD-Connect and explain how to submit your genomic sequencing data and associated metadata

Verify & Register

Verify and register with RD-Connect to create profiles for you and your research team

Submit phenotypic data

Create records for each participant in your study and enter their clinical information

Upload genomic data

Enter the relevant experimental metadata for your sequenced genomic data

1. Register & Create Profiles

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Thank you for your interest in the RD-Connect Genome Phenome Analysis Platform. We are happy to register you, but before we can create a profile for you and your group, we have a registration process in place.

We need to verify new users by asking you to complete the necessary forms, sign the Adherence Agreement and provide some photographic identification. We do this to ensure that the data stored on the platform is safe, secure and will not be abused in any way.

This is a generic form so not all parts may be applicable to you, i.e. whether you are actually submitting any sequencing data to the platform, but you can ignore the parts that are not relevant.  This first section is the most important as it details how to actually register you and your research group with the platform. The following sections are guides for using the phenotypic database and analysis platform and how to submit genomic sequencing data.

The way we ensure only legitimate users can register with the system is by validating the project leads (PL) for each project. Each PL needs to read our Code of Practice (Step 1.2) and agree to it by signing the Adherence Agreement (Step 1.3).

You are then entitled to register other members of your research group (other clinicians, researchers or bioinformaticians who will be involved with the analysis of your data). These group members do not need to sign the agreement themselves, as you are “vouching for them” as their PL.


The Code of Practice

The RD-Connect Code of Practice ensures that all data on the RD-Connect Genome-Phenome Analysis Platform are shared according to legal requirements, ethical principles as well as patient and scientific needs.


Once you have read the Code of Practice (Step 1.2), please download a copy of the Adherence Agreement below to sign and return.

Please amend all the areas highlighted in red so that they are relevant to you and return the completed document to

RD-Connect Adherence Agreement


Please follow the link below and complete the form.

We will use this information to verify you as a legitimate user and proceed with registration.

You will need to upload the signed Adherence Agreement (Step 1.3) and some photographic identification (e.g. passport or driving licence) as as image or PDF.

User Verification Form