Linked Data Demonstrator

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Type of resource: integration of linked biobank and patient registry FAIR data
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Linked Data Demonstrator is a web application which is built on top of the FAIR data point. The app caches the metadata and rdf distribution of the dataset from the FAIR data point. The current version of the app was designed by the University of Aveiro (UAVR), caching the metadata and data from the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) FAIR data point which contains test data of various patient registers and biobank. The app contains a set of 10 predefined data integration queries which require data to be integrated from the patient registers and biobank. Based on the user’s selected query the app shows a HTML form to be filled in by the user. The completed form is then translated into SPARQL query and is then resolved against the cache. The query result is presented as a HTML table to the user.