European Genome-phenome Archive (EGA)

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Type of resource: Sequencing archive
License/availability: Controlled-access data; free to use
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The European Genome-phenome Archive (EGA) is designed to be a repository for all types of sequence and genotype experiments, including case control, population, and family studies. It includes SNP and CNV genotypes from array based methods and genotyping done with re-sequencing methods.

The EGA serves as both a publication and perpetual archive and accepts several levels of data including the raw data (which could, for example, be re-analysed in the future by other algorithms) as well as the genotype calls provided by the submitters. We are developing data mining and access tools for the database.

For restricted access data, the EGA provides the necessary security required to control access and maintain patient confidentiality, while providing access to those researchers and clinicians authorised to view the data. In all cases, data access decisions are made by the appropriate data access-granting organisation (DAC) and not by the EGA.