Electronic Pharmacogenomics Assistant (ePGA)

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The electronic Pharmacogenomics Assistant (ePGA) has been envisaged as a web-based system offering two main services to the biomedical communities:

  • explore – search and browse through established pharmacogenomic gene-variant-drug-metabolizer status associations;
  • translate – infer metabolizing phenotypes from individual genotype profiles for all known pharmacogenes.

ePGA can be of benefit to health professionals, biomedical researchers and general public. A machine-learning methodology (decision-tree induction) allows to induce generalized pharmacogenomic translation models from known haplotype – tables that are able to infer the metabolizer status of individuals from their genotype profiles.

Preliminary results are highly predictive and indicate the potential of the whole approach as well as its impact in the clinic, even towards the use of a pharmacogenomics card/electronic health record.

Coupled to microattribution/nanopublications, ePGA offers a dynamic environment toward the generation of clinico-genomic prediction models.