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Type of resource: Mutation interpretation
License/availability: commercial
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Alamut Visual is the most popular decision-support software for human variant interpretation. Alamut Visual is an intuitive graphical gene browser visualizing well-curated and clinically oriented data gathered from reliable public databases. Alamut Visual integrates variants reported in general population and/or mutation databases, recognized missense and splicing prediction tools, and an advanced BAM NGS alignments viewer. Alamut Visual has detailed knowledge of the HGVS variant nomenclature, manages variant- and sequence-based annotations. Its rich graphical environment and careful design for the task of mutation interpretation makes it a tool of choice in clinical molecular genetics settings. Alamut Visual is used by more than 380 clinical and research labs world-wide.

Interactive Biosoftware develops software applications for human variation interpretation that allow geneticists and researchers to save time and improve variant assessment. Interactive Biosoftware is the creator of the Alamut Software Suite (Alamut Visual, Alamut Batch, and Alamut Focus), and is a full partner of the RD-Connect project.