Alamut Batch

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Type of resource: Variant annotation
License/availability: commercial
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Alamut Batch is an efficient high-throughput human variant annotation engine for studies ranging from gene panels to exome NGS analyses. Designed for intensive analysis workflows and easy to integrate into any analysis pipeline, Alamut Batch enriches raw NGS variants with a wealth of well-curated and clinically oriented attributes including effects on human genes, allele frequencies reported in general population and/or mutation databases, and missense and splicing predictions. Rated as one of the most comprehensive NGS annotation tools, Alamut Batch is powerful, efficient and the industry leader in splicing predictions.

Interactive Biosoftware develops software applications for human variation interpretation that allow geneticists and researchers to save time and improve variant assessment. Interactive Biosoftware is the creator of the Alamut Software Suite (Alamut Visual, Alamut Batch, and Alamut Focus), and is a full partner of the RD-Connect project.