Alamut Focus

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Type of resource: Variant filtration application
License/availability: commercial
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Alamut Focus is an interactive variant filtration application for NGS analysis. Starting from annotated variant collections the software selects candidate variations based on user-defined or pre-configured criteria. Alamut Focus allows geneticists and researchers to quickly design and apply simple to complex variant filtering strategies. Alamut Focus integrates pre-configured inheritance-based scenarios: autosomal recessive, autosomal dominant, X-linked recessive, de novo. Alamut Focus is fully compatible with Alamut Batch and Alamut Visual.

Interactive Biosoftware develops software applications for human variation interpretation that allow geneticists and researchers to save time and improve variant assessment. Interactive Biosoftware is the creator of the Alamut Software Suite (Alamut Visual, Alamut Batch, and Alamut Focus), and is a full partner of the RD-Connect project.