Linked data and ontology task force

The RD-Connect Linked Data and OntologyTask Force (LDOTF) brings together key people working on connecting rare disease resources. It aims to advocate the use of Linked Data and Ontologies for managing and integrating rare disease information and make biomedical data easier to use for computational research for the benefit of patients. It does so through advice and by taking initiative by which the merits of this approach can be shown, for instance by fostering its own case studies.

Participants of related projects including ELIXIR, BioMedBridges and Open PHACTS have become full members of the task force.

RD-Connect is a source of rare disease use cases for both projects: with BioMedBridges we work together on showcases of cross-resource research and making data more accessible for research. With Open PHACTS we work together on drug-discovery for rare diseases.

In November 2014, the LDOTF organised the first RD-Connect ‘Bring Your Own Data’ workshop (BYOD), a combination of tutorial and hackathon. This BYOD was focused on (rare disease) patient registries and biobanks and brought together ‘Data owners’ and Linked Data experts. Two training webinars available online prepared participants to the event.

The event was co-organised by BioMedBridges and received financial support from ELIXIR for external Linked Data experts.