Publishing rare disease sample collections on the RD-Connect Catalogue

Rare disease biobanks are invited to make samples accessible to the wider scientific community via our searchable and dynamic Sample Catalogue, a tool which provides essential information on the content of biobanks that can be shared among researchers.

By contributing to the RD-Connect platform, biobanks will have the opportunity to increase visibility in a global setting and benefits with the possibility to:

  • increase sample and data acquisition and sharing
  • establish new collaborations and enhance networking activities in the rare disease field
  • maximize the impact of your Institution by connecting clinical and bioinformatics data generated from patients’ biosamples
  • access training and material on Standard Operating Procedures and policies according to international standards

To assure the high quality of biosamples, all biobanks will be subjected to an approval process before acceptance and data integration to the platform and the Sample Catalogue.

Rare disease biobanks are invited to submit their applications via the ID-Cards system. Spontaneous candidate biobanks can apply by proposing their Biobank to the ID-Card, after which a personal secure access to the Application Form will be generated. A panel of internationally recognised biobanking expert will review the biobanks against a set of criteria to ensure minimum quality assurance is met.

Example questions that may be asked in the rare disease biobank Assessment Form

Overview of biobank approval process for candidate biobanks

Biobank flow diagram

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