About IRDiRC

The International Rare Diseases Research Consortium (IRDiRC) was launched in April 2011 to foster international collaboration in rare disease research. The IRDiRC links researchers and organisations investing in rare disease research in order to achieve two main objectives: to deliver 200 new therapies for rare diseases and the means to diagnose most rare diseases by the year 2020.

The IRDiRC is governed by an Executive Committee made up of representatives from each member organisation. Scientific input is provided by its three Scientific Committees, covering Diagnostics (including sequencing and characterisation), Therapies (including pre-clinical and clinical development) and Interdisciplinary aspects of rare diseases research (including ontologies, natural history, biobanking, registries etc).

IRDiRC has achieved the goal of 200 therapies achieved ahead of time – already in December 2016 – and is setting a more ambitious goal for the next decade.

For further information, visit the IRDiRC website at www.irdirc.org.