An automated real-time integration and interoperability framework for bioinformatics

Lopes P, Oliveira JL

BMC Bioinformatics 2015 Oct 13;16:328, October 2015
DOI: 10.1186/s12859-015-0761-3


In recent years data integration has become an everyday undertaking for life sciences researchers. Aggregating and processing data from disparate sources, whether through specific developed software or via manual processes, is a common task for scientists. However, the scope and usability of the majority of current integration tools fail to deal with the fast growing and highly dynamic nature of biomedical data.
In this work we introduce a reactive and event-driven framework that simplifies real-time data integration and interoperability. This platform facilitates otherwise difficult tasks, such as connecting heterogeneous services, indexing, linking and transferring data from distinct resources, or subscribing to notifications regarding the timeliness of dynamic data. For developers, the framework automates the deployment of integrative and interoperable bioinformatics applications, using atomic data storage for content change detection, and enabling agent-based intelligent extract, transform and load tasks.
This work bridges the gap between the growing number of services, accessing specific data sources or algorithms, and the growing number of users, performing simple integration tasks on a recurring basis, through a streamlined workspace available to researchers and developers alike.

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