A Nanopublishing Architecture for Biomedical Data

Sernadela P, van der Horst E, Thompson M, Lopes P, Roos M, Oliveira JL

8th International Conference on Practical Applications of Computational Biology & Bioinformatics (Pacbb 2014) 294:277-84, June 2014
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-07581-5_33


The massive production of data in the biomedical domain soon triggered a phenomenon known as information overload. The majority of these data are redundant without linked statements or associations, which hinders research methods. In this work, we describe an innovative and automated approach to integrate scientific results into small RDF-based data snippets called nanopublications. A nanopublication enhances attribution and ownership of specific data elements, representing the smallest unit of publishable information. It is particularly relevant for the scientific domain, where controlled publication, validation and ownership of data are essential. This proposal extends an existing semantic data integration framework by enabling the generation of nanopublications. Furthermore, we explore a streamlined integration and retrieval pipeline, empowered by current Semantic Web standards.

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