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Links to relevant forms:

RD-Connect Code of Practice

RD-Connect Adherence Agreement

RD-Connect uses the European Genome-phenome Archive (EGA) as the repository for raw genomic data (BAM/FastQ formats). When a user wants to contribute data to RD-Connect, the first step is therefore to upload the raw data to EGA. The RD-Connect platform picks up the raw data files from the EGA, runs them through a standard analysis pipeline, and outputs a gVCF file. The output data is indexed and securely stored in the platform database at the CNAG in Barcelona, where registered users can access it through a user-friendly online interface allowing real-time filtration and analysis. The processed data is also combined with phenotypic and biomaterial information where available.

The RD-Connect genomic analysis interface is currently open for beta-testing by our partner projects – other users can register later this year.

In the meantime, if you are interested in contributing genomic data to the platform please ensure that you check the following:

  • Consent forms – do they cover data sharing for research purposes?
  • Phenotypic data – do you have a detailed phenotype for each participant?
  • Genomic data – do you have access to the BAM / FastQ files from your sequencing experiments?

Contact us –  – to be notified when you can access the platform.

Data workflow