Uppsala University

http://www.crb.uu.se http://www.crb.uu.se/research/biobanks/rd-connect.html

The Centre for Research Ethics & Bioethics (CRB) at Uppsala University is an inter-faculty centre with 25 senior and junior researchers representing philosophy, ethics, law, medicine, psychology, social sciences and social pharmacy. Research topics such as patient autonomy, genetic risk, biobanks, privacy, neuroethics and research governance are being addressed with a strong publication record in high quality journals and monograph series. In the international evaluation of all research at Uppsala University 2011 CRB was graded with “Top Quality” and world leading.

A separate work package (WP6) will address ethical, legal and social issues (ELSI) with the following objectives:

1.Develop best ethical practices for balancing patient-related interests associated with RD research using databases/registries, biobanks and omics databases in global networks of clinicians and researchers.

2. Engage with relevant stakeholders, e.g. patient organizations and patient groups, clinical and research networks, legislators and policymakers, pharma industry.

3. Develop a proposal for an expedient regulatory framework for linking of medical and personal data related to RD on a European and global level.

Mats G. Hansson will lead WP 6 on Ethical, Legal and Social Issues in close collaboration with partners in Newcastle, Paris, US (NIH) and Australia.