University Paris Diderot – Paris 7

The University Paris Diderot is one of the most active multidisciplinary University in Paris, employing 2,000 researchers in 92 research teams (in partnership with the national research institute CNRS, INSERM and CEA) and 2,300 PhD students of 23 doctoral schools. Odile BOESPFLUG-TANGUY, Professor in Medical Genetics, leads the child neurology and metabolic diseases department of the Robert Debre University Hospital. Her research team entitled « Glial cells interactions during normal and pathological development of the central nervous system (CNS) » labelled by INSERM (UMR 931-GReD) will be transferred to the INSERM-Université Paris Diderot 7 UMR 676 (directed by P Gressens) in January 2012

Based on previous experience from the LeuFrance and Leukotreat projects (work package 1 leader, devoted to the European Leudodatabase) Odile BOESPFLUG-TANGUY’s team will be particularly involved in the WP2 (patient registries and databases) of the project devoted to patient registries. Her background in clinical practice, clinical research and basic research in rare neurodegenerative diseases will be of particularly interest for the project in order to define clinical dataset useful for ‑omics research, problems related to patient participation and consents, as well as links with Biobank and ‑omics data. She will be particularly responsible for the milestone devoted to the correlation between the clinical and the ‑omics dataset. UPD-P7 will also participate in WP 7 (impact, innovation and implementation).