Telethon Network of Genetic Biobanks

The Telethon Network of Genetic Biobanks (TNGB) is the first Italian coordinated resource of biospecimens from patients affected by genetic diseases. TNGB was founded in 2008 to coordinate Biobanks already supported as single core facilities by Telethon Foundation since 1993. All biobanks are subjected to peer review-based evaluation for funding and renewal by the Telethon Scientific Committee.

TNGB collects, stores and distributes high quality biological materials (nucleic acids, cells and tissue samples) linked to relevant clinical and genetic data from patients affected by inherited diseases. TNGB provides the scientific community and patients’ associations with an efficient service of the highest quality standards, according to rigorous ethical principles in compliance with Italian laws and international recommendations.

Over 50,000 samples are currently available from the 10 biobanks participating in the TNGB and can easily be requested via an online catalogue. Every year, approximately 8,000 samples are collected and 6,000 sample requests from both Italy and abroad are met.

Based on their long experience, the Biobank Directors of the TNGB contribute to the WP3 (Biomaterial sharing).