Institute of Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering University of Belgrade (IMGGE)

The Institute of Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering University of Belgrade (IMGGE) is well recognized as the leader in Serbia and the Balkan region in molecular biology, molecular genetics, biomedicine, recombinant DNA technology and biotechnology. In the field of fundamental research, Institute’s projects are mostly focused on research related to analysis of genome organisation and regulation of gene expression in different organisms. Furthermore, IMGGE is also oriented to biotechnological and commercial applications in human and veterinary medicine, agriculture, food production, and pharmaceutical industry.
The research interests of IMGGE in the field of biomedicine include basic and translational research in the following topics: molecular genetics of rare diseases (RD), pharmacogenomics, molecular basis of hematological malignancies, study of skeletal muscle specific genes, molecular basis of cardiovascular diseases, studying the regulation of expression and function of human SOX genes, in vivo toxicity testing using Zebrafish model system, NGS analysis in biomedical research and molecular genetics, biochemistry and ecology of microorganisms and microbial communities. Research teams in IMGGE have been collecting samples of different rare diseases for years, with the number of samples in the biobanks exceeding several thousands.

At the moment, two comprehensive projects dedicated to RD are being realized at IMGGE, SERBORDISinn, EU-FP7-REGPOT project and national integrative interdisciplinary project. IMGGE coordinates ORPHANET Serbia.