Tudor Groza

Chief Technology Officer and Senior Research Officer
Tudor Groza

Dr Groza received his PhD from Digital Enterprise Research Institute, National University of Ireland, Galway in 2010. His thesis focused on representing, extracting and integrating scientific artefacts externalised via scientific publications.

In 2010 he joined The University of Queensland to work on the SKELETOME Project – a community-driven knowledge curation platform for bone dysplasias. As part of this project he developed novel methods to perform phenotype concept recognition, to decompose phenotypes into their elementary entity-quality forms, and to infer characteristic phenotypes using patient or domain data as background knowledge.

Tudor’s current research covers the entire phenotype analytics stack, from representation to acquisition (from publications or clinical reports) and from cross-species integration to decision making (including disorder prediction or patient matchmaking). Any prospective PhD students interested in undertaking research in these areas are welcome to get in touch and discuss collaboration opportunities.

Within RD-Connect, Tudor is working on developing Patient Archive – a bioinformatic tool that translates deep clinical phenotyping and genome-scale biology to patient-centered human disease pathogenesis.