Maurizio Moggio

Biobank Director
Maurizio Moggio


University Education:
• 9/23/1977: Degree in Medicine from the University of Milan 1/9/1978: Qualification for medical practising
• 7/1/1981: Residency Certification in Neurology, University of Milan
• January to December 1984: “Visiting Fellow” at the “H.H. Merritt Clinical Research Center for Muscular Dystrophy” Columbia University, New York, N.Y., USA
• June 1989: Qualification for practicing as Head Neurologist
• June 2001: Management training Master for Managers of Medical Departments at the School for Health Management I.Re.F., Milan

Present Position:
• Organizing Manager of the “Operative Unit for the Diagnosis and Research of Neuromuscular Disorders” at the Dept. of Neurological Science, Fondazione IRCCS- Ca’ Granda Ospedale Maggiore of Milan.
• Responsible of “Biobank of Skeletal Muscle, Nerve Tissue, DNA and cell lines” – partner of both Eurordis and the “Telethon Network of Genetic Biobanks”
• President of the Italian Association for Muscle Diseases (AIM)

Recent Scientific projects as principal investigator:
• 2003/2005 (EU V Frame Program): “International Bank of DNA, cell lines and nerve-muscle-cardiac tissues” – “European Network of Human Biological Material for Rare Diseases – Eurobiobank ”.
• 2003 (Ospedale Maggiore): Genetic characterization of patients affected with dysferlinopathy.
• 2004-2005 (Ospedale Maggiore): “Alpha dystroglican glycosilation in patients affected with congenital muscular dystrophy”
• 2006 (Ospedale Maggiore): Characterization of the FSHD animal model
• 2008-2012 (Telethon): “Genetic Biobank Network”
• 2008-2010 (Telethon): “Italian clinical network for the FSHD”
• 2009- 2012 Coordinator of the Italian study: Acid Maltase Deficiency and Enzyme Replacement Therapy