Joseph Irwin

Member of SMA Support UK
Lakeside Regulatory Consulting Services Ltd.

Joseph Irwin is a biochemist-pharmacologist with molecular biology and cell biology experience. He has worked for many years in hospital-based research and for the pharmaceutical industry and is presently an independent consultant on regulatory matters.  Joseph became a Member of the Jennifer Trust for Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) after his son Toby was diagnosed with Type I SMA. He supports the Paediatric Task Force for the European Organisation for Rare Disorders (EURORDIS) and has continued to support organizations working in rare neuromuscular diseases, often providing pro bono regulatory support and advice.

Within RD-Connect, Joseph is a member of the RD-Connect Scientific Advisory Board, Rare Disease Patient and Ethics Council (RD-PEC) and Patient Advisory Council (PAC) of RD-Connect.