Registry & Biobank Finder for biobanks

Registry & Biobank Finder is a global directory that allows finding biobanks and patient registries that store information and samples from patients with the rare disease of interest.

Users can search the Registry & Biobank Finder by disease name and its synonyms, ORPHA- or OMIM-codes and other keywords, such as the country or biobank manager. The Registry & Biobank Finder offers databases’ contact data and the numbers of registered patients for each disease in the biobank, regularly updated by the database curators.For more detailed information on how to browse the Registry & Biobank Finder and how to add a biobank or patient registry, see our user guide below.

 Guide to the Registry & Biobank Finder for registry and biobank managers

How to use the Registry & Biobank Finder
How to create a profile in the Registry & Bioabnk Finder